iPhone Files #45

I had a few craft projects during Christmas, and one of them was flag stockings! I found this New Zealand flag stocking in Auckland, and it gave me the idea to have stockings with flags of all the countries I’ve lived in and am from. I chose the old Japanese flag because it has a bigger design that covers more of the stocking. I quite like it! When I have some free time, I’ll start working on the Singapore and America (for Kendon) ones!

I met Zhazira in 2009 when I was in Kazakhstan for exchange. She was going to come to Singapore the following semester. Somehow though, we never hung out after that one meeting. Which is a bit of a pity, because we become good friends when we were in Singapore! She comes back to visit every few years, and we always try to meet up. I hope that Kendon and I will get to go and visit her in Kazakhstan one day!

Gorgeous flower decorations for Christmas all over Orchard Road

We got all dressed up in red and green for Christmas, and had a yummy dinner at Southwest Tavern with some friends. Here’s a family picture!

Being silly with my loves

We had such a yummy dinner with Perry and Don. And we had a dish called Beer Butt Chicken on the house!! It literally is a beer butt chicken, the chicken was cooked with a can of beer shoved, I mean placed in its butt. It was pretty funny heehee! And quite yummy!

Don has served at Moulmein church for several years, and he finally made the decision to leave and go back to the Philippines. We spent his last few weeks here hanging out, playing mahjong and eating good food. A group of us sent him off with prayers and love. We hope to visit him someday soon in the Philippines!

Cedric and Nic visited Singapore for a day and we took them out sightseeing. We went to see the famous merlion, then walked along the river past the Esplanade theatres, down the double helix bridge to Marina Bay Sands, then on to the Gardens by the Bay. It’s always good to catch up with old friends.


A balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten in the shell. It is commonly sold as streetfood in the Philippines. They are common food in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. (taken from Wikipedia)

I’ve heard a lot about balut, and have always wondered about trying it. It sounds quite cruel and scary. When we were in Vietnam last year, Tung, our Vietnamese friend, asked if we wanted to try it. I had two important questions to ask before I was going to try it.

  1. Will there be bones?
    I didn’t want to crunch partially developed bones. I definitely didn’t want there to be a beak! I figured if there were no bones, there’d be no beak.
  2. Will the feathers be feathery?
    I don’t know about you, but eating feathers does not appeal to me. It just seems like they’d tickle and get stuck in my throat.

Thankfully for me, the balut sold in Vietnam is not as developed as the kind you might find in the Philippines. Tung said there’d be no bones, and the feathers had a seaweed-y consistency. Seaweed? I can do that! So we looked around for a street stall vendor that sold balut.

I was a little scared, but I acted brave. And it was actually not bad at all! The consistency seemed like a normal egg, but thicker and heavier. There were no bones or a beak, so that was very good. The colours were a little weird, some greys and blacks on the feathery bits, but if you didn’t look at it, you probably would not have been able to tell it was balut you were eating. So, all in all, I’d say it was quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t mind having another one!

They break a hole at the top and you scoop out the egg inside!

If you Google balut, you’ll get a lot of images and most of them are quite scary. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to down one that is so developed that you can actually see the partially formed duck in the egg. So, if you’d like to try balut, but aren’t brave enough for the Philippines version, go to Vietnam to try it instead!

A Quick Update

Seems like I haven’t been able to update as frequently as I’d hoped. I have a whole bunch of pictures from Kendon’s and my birthday and anniversary weekend, as well as dinners and celebrations with family and friends. But it takes time for me to get all that uploaded, so here are some quick updates on our lives.

  1. I’ve applied for several jobs, and gone for a few interviews. I’m still waiting to hear from the organisations, and am constantly praying for God’s guidance, that He will open doors for me, and show me the path to take.
  2. Kendon and I are part of a team that’s helping to plan the combined bible class every Sunday, and while it’s challenging and requires a lot of time and effort, we’re really enjoying the opportunity to contribute.
  3. I started a women’s discipleship group with two other ladies – Vivian and Linh – and we had our first session this week. I’m excited to be a part of this, and to get to know both of these ladies better as we study God’s Word.
  4. We got to meet up with Keiko and her husband, Kazu-san, from Japan today and hang out. It was good to catch up and hear about what’s been happening at Mito church of Christ.
  5. Our church, Moulmein church of Christ, is preparing to move to a hotel for a year and a half (or so) while we have a new building built. There are lots of things to do and plan for this transition, and Kendon and I are helping out in various areas. There’s a fundraising video to create, website to edit, packing, clearing and throwing away to do, as well as helping the congregation prepare for the transition. It’s a very exciting time!

It’s a bit hard to trust in God fully as our savings are slowly but surely getting depleted, and Kendon and I have spent so much time unemployed. Having jobs affect Kendon’s permanent residency application, and will allow us to stay in Singapore longer. We are praying very hard for jobs that we will enjoy, and be able to contribute and grow in. So please keep us in your prayers as we figure things out!

Today’s Five

 photo Thankful_zps5f56bcfc.jpg


We had such a fun Games Night at church! Lots of people came, and everyone was interacting, playing games, chatting, laughing and having a good time. The energy of everyone was great, and people from other churches came too, which was awesome! We are hoping that more bridges will be built between different congregations, and a Games Night is a fun and relaxed way to start doing that!

My parents cooked and bought some food for dinner tonight, so that we could just keep playing and not have to go get dinner! It was yummy and everyone enjoyed it, so thank you, Mom and Dad! And thank you, too, for bringing over so many of our things that we needed tonight!

My husband is a great listener, he’s very understanding, wise and encouraging. Certain times of the month, I get extra sensitive, emotional and impatient, and he bears with my crazy mood patiently, and reassures me when I feel upset over small things. We have grown so much in the past year, and I am looking forward to learning, growing, maturing and getting old with this amazing man!

I am so thankful for Moulmein church. My family has only moved there in the past few years, but I know that it is a great place for all of us to grow spiritually. We have leaders that genuinely care, lead and serve with Jesus as their example and guide. So many people serve quietly in the background, and others dream and work towards discipling others to closer relationships with God. Kendon and I are so excited to be here, to be a part of all this and contribute in our own small ways.

I’m so glad my two younger sisters could come to Games Night. We have all been busy with school, work, boyfriends and husband, and just life in general, and it was fun to have some time with everyone else at church to play games, hang out, relax, laugh and just be together. They are so sweet and thoughtful (they gave very good birthday presents), and I am so blessed to be their sister! =)

Girls’ Christmas Ornament Exchange Party

When I lived in Japan, we had a Girls’ Christmas Ornament Exchange Party. It was lots of fun! I wanted to do something similar here in Singapore, so I invited all the SOAR girls over. Kendon and I prepared bangers and mash while other girls brought drinks, snacks, salads and a soup. Because so many of us are working, by the time we finished eating, there was barely any time left to exchange our ornaments! So the games I planned will just have to wait till next year. Haha!

This year, I decided to make little merlion ornaments. I made them according to the colours people liked. I love how they turned out! After travelling all over the world, I like having something Singaporean.

I can’t wait till Kendon and I have our own tree! I want to have Christmas ornaments from all of our travels overseas. I’ve already started collecting!

Hi from my merlion!